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. caution. with bill o'reilly. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> you had secretary clinton but you did ask her any questions and why not? >> bill: we'll tell you why not. and it all has to do with honesty in the federal government. a special report on how things in d.c. may be unraveling over benghazi and the irs. >> this has been going on for four years. >> oh, no. it's been going on for 40 years. >> bill: factor continues its investigation into why a major maryland jail facility was taken over by a vicious drug gang. should the governor of maryland be held responsible? >> are you going to come on the factor one of these days, governor. maybe. i don't generally watch fox. >> why do you want to be hating on me dog. i am just trying to keep it rizzsy. that means real. i think it means real. >> bill: why is the zany duck dynasty program so successful? we will talk with one of its stars. >> this is my reputation that's on the line. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. ther
of america's views. >> i heard hillary clinton say it is an act of terrorism. what do you say? >> we are still doing an investigation. >> look at those dates, september 18th, september 25th, september 26th. this is after he claims he knew. >> i know the math is hard, but those numbers for me, those numbers don't add up. they haven't from the beginning. i am really surprised at the press conference today because it continues to pick up steam. you had to witness the last weed you have documents. there are two basic questions on this. one is the stand down order. was it given and who gave it? and the second one is -- was the question of not just the talking points, but the whole -- the deleting of the truth and replacing it with a lie told over and over again. >> you know what is strange, i don't know if you watched the press conference, but earlier he said right away i called it terror. and then later in the same rant he didn't even stop. this is the same paragraph. he says no about three or four days after susan rice went on the talk shows i realized it wasn't the video to blame. are
benghazi. you fast forward and president obama and secretary clinton and ambassador rice areuc talking about a video, a spontaneous, not pre-planned, not premeditated demonstration. they knew on september 12 that that was wrong. you go through the 12 iterations of the talking points and victoria nuland, the spokesperson for the department of state, wanted the talking points edited because they were fearful that the department of state would be criticized. my colleagues -- so you know -- my colleagues always say that -- it's not true, it's not true and then they say it's old news. you are never going to get them to say, that's an interesting revelation in the hearing. but trust me, they were surprisemented they didn't know it. the administration didn't know we had that email. it was a damaging to the narrative put forth by jay carny and this administration. >> shannon: speaking of damage, you said to the families of the victims, you said, you don't care -- quote, don't give a damn whose careers are impacted. you are going to get the answers. at this point, with four american lives loste
on the house side said that hillary clinton is not the focus of this. take a listen. >> i'd call it a cover-up. i would call it a cover-up in the extent that there was willful removal of information which was obvious. it was obvious. >> hillary clinton is not a target. president obama is not a target. the target is, how did we fail three different ways? fail to heed the warnings of an impending attack, fail to respond properly during the attack, at least we certainly could have done better and i think everyone knows that, and then fail to get the truth to the american people in a timely fashion? >> kevin, here's the question. that all seems reasonable, even if you disagree with it, but there is an american crossroads is running an ad against hillary clinton, rand paul, senator from kentucky, going to run for president in 2016 is out there making this a big issue about hillary clinton. isn't interest a disconnect between what some rkss are saying and some doing? >> no. i think the words expressed by chairman issa are pretty consistent with what the larger public is watching. there's not a ta
qaeda attack. >> hillary clinton received she knew nothing about the lack of security, the requests that had been made for security and denied by her underlings. now the former vice president of the united states, dick cheney, has been pushing for you guys to subpoena here. we found out these two guy who is ran the review of the state department didn't think it was important to talk to the secretary of state. so no one who's responsible for that review talked to her. you guys had her testify on capitol hill before. but my question to you is, does she get subpoenaed now and is she -- what do you make of the fact that either she did know about the refusal of security or as she testified, she just had no idea about any of this and what does that lead us to conclude about our former secretary of state? >> i think she was disconnected, dispassionate even when she called at 2:00 in the morning to the ambassador in libya, she never asked what he knew about the attack in her call. you have somebody who does the symbolism but doesn't do the substance or maybe, just maybe she knew. what we wa
in mind. you have contradictions of hillary clinton. back in january, she said the intelligence community was the principal decider, was the way she phrased it on all of these questions, when in fact it seems there were many senior state department officials, those around hillary clinton, pushing to make these revisions that ultimately led from the strong version being thrown out and replaced by a much weaker version 24 hours later. >> sean: there's specific references here, like on page 51. i spoke with tommy. we'll work through this morning, get comments back, meaning they'll get the comments back from the state department and white house. similarly page 47, victoria nuland, from the state department, these don't resolve all of my issues or those of my building leadership. all of this points to political consideration, when we now know they knew the truth. so the word "cover-up" has to come in to play here. your reaction. >> yeah, look. i think it's very clear that many of the things that the white house told us about the talking points, told us about the attacks, then told us about thi
of state clinton to remove references to earlier attacks and islamic extremist groups from the benghazi talking points why have had folks challenge hillary clinton's infederal government yi at this. >> republicans say they don't know the real story about benghazi and still pushing to talk to some of the survivors. >> the administration has been stone walling us. we know from the testimony last week that those rn the ground had very different information offered than we what we saw even in the accountability review board report. >> senator ayotte says the report was not enough. she wants benghazi investigated and some of her colleagues want former secretary clinton to testify before it bret? >> bret: wendell goler live on the north lawn. thank you. the president is calling for full accountability in the irs scandal. mike emanuel has new information about additional items. someone may have to be accountable for. >> a time line obtained by fox news reveals the irs examined more than groups with tea party or patriot in their name. a leader of a tea party group wants to know who is behind it
, according to gregory hicks, in no small part because secretary clinton planned on making benghazi a permanent consulate facility, planned on announcing that potentially with a trip to libya in december. the ambassador was doing the work he had to do, even though there had been reports that things were getting worse, not better, and so on. we may never know everything that the ambassador hoped to accomplish in a day or two basically in benghazi. what we know is that he took four additional people with him. he had more security, not less security. had he not been there and the same attack had occurred, they would have simply gotten through the walls faster and we still could have lost many lives. >> mr. chairman, hold on a minute. i want to talk about the irs scandal that's unfolding right now as well. president obama's vowing to hold the irs accountable for the targeting of conservative group groups. congressman issa is standing by to weigh in on that when we come back. is more reliable, secure, and agile. as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to
"stylistically," and also what hillary clinton said about these talking points. you have her chief of staff interacting with tommy vitor at the national security council saying they will make the edits in the deputies meeting, edits about removing certain parts of these talking points as they've just, as you just laid out. >> that's right. vick territory ywe do have, as e papers released, an email sent to nuland -- we had only previously known that it was a national security staffer. we didn't even know which agency. we now know it was someone at the c.i.a. who shot back at nuland that the fbi had no major concerns with these talking points, and yet the changes sort of accelerated past that point. they didn't slow down, bret. >> bret: okay. james rosen will continue to go through the emails and talk about them with the panel in just a bit as we continue to wait for the president in the east room. again, 17 minutes after the hour, awaiting a statement from president obama on the irs, we're told. wendall goler is in the east room. wendall, still don't have a two-minute warning yet. is that ri
congress has, brian, why didn't these gentlemen interview secretary of state hillary clinton. and we go on. >> chuck todd with the second front at the white house today. chuck, thanks. >>> now to another developing story that broke in washington late today. word that the justice department secretly obtained two months worth of phone record of several reporters and editors and offices at the associated press. the a.p. is calling this a massive and unprecedented intrusion into their constitutional right to report the news. nbc's tom costello is standing by in our d.c. bureau with more on this. tom, good evening. >> reporter: hi, brian. this is, in fact, a late-breaking story with the associated press moving this throughout the afternoon. it talks about the fact that this is an unprecedented breach and that it impacts the activities of the a.p., the primary news wire for the united states. this centers around an investigation into who leaked information to the a.p. in may of 2012 about a cia operative in yemen who helped prevent an al qaeda plot to bring down a u.s.-bound airliner with a bomb
the argument as an attack both on former secretary of state clinton and on the candor of the white house. scott? >> pelley: bill, thank you very much. in philadelphia today there was a verdict in a murder trial that got national attention. a doctor who ran an abortion clinic was convicted of murdering three babies who had been born alive. michelle miller is at the courthouse. >> reporter: dr. kermit gosnell left the courthouse this afternoon a convicted murderer in a prison jump suit and handcuffs. prosecutors say gosnell regularly delivered babies alive at his west philadelphia abortion clinic and then cut their spinal cords with scissors, killing them. gosnell's defense attorney, jack mcmahon, says he and his client do not believe there was enough evidence that any of the fetuses were murdered. >> state of mind as any intelligent human being would be at this point in time. he's disappointed and upset. >> reporter: but eight former employees who assisted gosnell, despite the fact they had no medical training, pleaded guilty to lesser charges and that they did see various signs of life before t
ferris wheel ride. clinton shepherd set the new record at 8:30 tonight at navy pier after riding for 30 hours and 36 seconds with no sleep. he was allowed a five minute break every hour... shepherd is the pier park operations manager. he is staying on the ferris wheel ... and wants to try riding until he reaches 48 hours. he was greeted by the guinness world book of records representative and a cheering crowd, fireworks followed. >> we've got a chance for some pretty significant storms early in the week. jim ramsey is in the weather center with your 7 day forecast. >> we are watching some very impressive storms across the plains. possibly as early as late tomorrow we could see one of these storms. we expect our temperatures to warm up substantially as we go into sunday. not much to worry about for the moment in the chicago area. there are storms well out in the west in kansas and nebraska, storms will be heading toward our area tomorrow. rainfall forecast for tuesday, in the afternoon you can see... we keep rainshowers and the forecast for tuesday wednesday and even a chance of a shower
, the book, who as you know ran the clinton scandals. they learned a long time ago that the first thing you do in a crisis is gather all the facts, especially the ones that are negative and embarrassing to you. and the second thing is release them right away, especially the ones that are negative to you. you don't dribble things out, don't mislead, don't distort, and then when it finally gets out, you don't whine about republicans, your critics when you're the reason that you're -- >> wasn't that unbelievable yesterday. >> it was stunning. it was stunning. >> the president of the united states with one scandal after another falling and like you said being caught, his administration being caught lying about benghazi, your words, not mine. the irs lying, clearly lying, the president stands up in a press conference and republicans have politicized benghazi from the beginning. i have attacked republicans on the far right for politicizing benghazi from the beginning. for the president of the united states, though, to whine about republicans, while all of these scandals are falling. you say stunn
review because most importantly they want to find out why was hillary clinton, then secretary of state, never interviewed during that investigation. >> chuck todd at the white house this morning. thank you very much. >>> there are new clues in the cleveland kidnapping case this morning regarding how the suspect may have hidden three young ladies so long. as new video emerges of ariel castro inside that home. today, national correspondent, jeff rossen is in cleveland once again. good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning. ariel castro waking up once again this morning in the county jail. he is on suicide watch which means guards are literally checking on him every 10 minutes and keeping logs of his every move. we have those logs and you may be surprised what he has been up to in his cell the past few days. the big news is how did he keep those girls hidden so long without any knowing. this morning, we're taking you inside that house for the first time. ariel castro as we've never seen him before playing base in his kitchen, care-free. this cell phone video obtained by nbc news w
tisch yafn. he's had dealings with the u.s. in the past in 1999 president bill clinton negotiated with mr. sharif to deescalate a nuclear conflict with india. on the campaign trail, he had some tough rhetoric for the u.s. he said he would try to redraw the relationship between pakistan and the united states where pakistan would be less dependent on american support. then again, that may just have been campaign rhetoric because it seems that pakistan may require american support in the coming weeks or months to seek a bailout from the international monetary fund. on the terrorism front, mr. sharif has been measured in his criticism of the taliban, but given the sort of attacks we've seen on the democratic system in the last number of weeks it seems inevitable that he will have to face up to that problem. whether he will do so in a manner that will satisfy, if you like, american officials remains to be. >> warner: a stormy relationship. de clan walsh of the "new york times," thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> brown: next, the verdict in a major human rights case, one we've been f
secretary clinton but you did ask her any questions and why not? >> bill: we'll tell you why not. and it all has to do with honesty in the federal government. a special report on how things in d.c. may be unraveling over benghazi and the irs. >> this has been going on for four years. >> oh, no. it's been going on for 40 years. >> bill: factor continues its investigation into why a major maryland jail facility was taken over by a vicious drug gang. should the governor of maryland be held responsible? >> are you going to come on the factor one of these days, governor. maybe. i don't generally watch fox. >> why do you want to be hating on me
and women. but it was clinton who recognized a favored nation. once you did that, you turned around and you're just gutting the middle class, manufacturing. everybody can't be as smart as yourself and a lot of the people around here. you've got to go work for a living. and sometimes there's a lot of people who have great traits, great skills, who work hard. but you would like to get paid for it. so that's manufacturing, okay? and you mentioned my friends at france. yeah, i took on the french, too. well, france was never built on a 35-hour workweek. the fact is, people have to work. you bust your fanny. you're still here. you've been up this morning. you might make a lot of money, but you're doing it. and it's the same all over the world. and no one beats working men and women of this country. but these other countries that we decide we want to follow, it's nuts. and in france, the people are great. i have a factory in france. >> 12% increase in business. >> and they're doing good. they work hard. but they're -- they're over by the -- by normandy. but the one that was good you're going to se
that one of your customers once named a dredge after president clinton. so i have my fingers crossed. never had the dredge named after me, so i'm looking forward to that. i've come here today to talk about our single most important priority in the country right now, and that is reigniting the true engine of our economic growth, and that is a rising, thriving middle class. [applause] as i said in my state of the union address this year, that is our number star. that's what we have to focus on. that is what has to dhaka and all of our efforts. we have great people who are championing the middle class families every single day. first of all come in your outstanding governor. come on martin o'malley colin you're outstanding mayor. [applause] you have got outstanding members of congress led by your senior senator barbara mikulski. and you're own leader in the house of representatives, he is doing a great job every single day and he loves this state, steny hoyer. [applause] so we have got some extraordinary folks here. eli -- elijah cummings is here. [applause] but more importantly, elijah's mom
clinton. why was she not interviewed in this initial process. >> the secretary of state should have some responsibility for a state department snafu? >> you would think the head of that particular department. >> you would think that wouldn't you? >> alisyn: right. much like the irs scandal happening right now. it's very hard for people to actually explain when called to testify in front of congress who issueded. >> clayton: standdown? >> alisyn: for this one it's the standdown for the irs it's to be on the lookout for. who was responsible for these edigits that came down? stephan haze was on "special report" and talked about where benghazi goes now. >> pattern claims by jay carney and hillary clinton among others that the white house, the state department made a single adjustment to the talking points. simply not true. i am surprised that some in the mainstream media are not taking more umbrage at the fact that they were lied to so directly about something like that. more broadly, i think the next big question is how do we get the movie? where did the movie enter this discussion? it wasn
. >> did you ever ask mcclinton or alexander to bring any weapons. >> no, not at all, never came up. >> reporter: simpson says he never was told of the early discussions of a plea deal between his lawyer and the prosecutors, a deal that could have meant a lot less prison time. >> do you recall any plea offer being given to you during the trial? >> no. >> reporter: simpson's new lawyers say they are confident that this time he actually helped himself. >> it was his story that he got to tell and i think he did really, really well. >> reporter: the hearing will have a short day today and then testimony expected friday from yale galanter, the attorney that simpson blames for his conviction. he will likely have a very different take on the events. >> many can't wait to hear what he has to say, yes, there's no jury, but the public is watching and many feel that he is still charismatic. was it credible what he was saying? did it come across as credible to you? >> reporter: court observers, myself included believe he was very credible. it came across as kind of a knuckle-headed scheme. he t
's what happened to republicans in 1998 with bill clinton. and if all of congress is focusing on hearings to do scandals, the voters will punish them. they've done it in the past. >> chuck todd, more to come on this, thank you very much. >> thanks very much. >>> bad news if you dreamed of waking up $360 million richer this morning. there was no powerball win erbil last night. you know what that means? the jackpot and lottery fever are now growing. more on this. mara, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, to you. well, the power ball jackpot soars to at least $475 million for saturday's drawing. the odds of winning are 1 in 175 million, but lots of folks are still hoping lady luck is on their side. >> big money tonight -- from the sunshine state here -- >> reporter: unfortunately for countless lottery hopefuls -- >> remember, match this number and you're always a winner. tonight it is 32 -- >> reporter: no one had power ball's winning numbers wednesday night. the $363 million grand prize would have been the seventh largest payout in history. but now that jackpot has swelled to $4
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)